HBCAC strives for community oriented programs focused on Breast Cancer, Education, Precaution and Prevention.


Our Mission is to increase public awareness of environmental links to disease. GAIN support for the “Precautionary Principle” as it applies to public policy, URGE the    public to demand more funding for environmental health research, and ENCOURAGE a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward personal lifestyle. | More

Mounting scientific evidence demonstrates that Lead poisoning, Endocrine disruptors, Air pollution, and Pesticides are the four types of toxins that contribute to the onset of disease. Look before you LEAP provides environmental health information in a manner that is non-threatening, age-appropriate and fun for children and families alike. | More



  • Swearing in of Judith Enck Jan 22 2010

    Judith Enck is appointed the Regional Administrator for the U.S.
    Environmental Protection Agency Region 2, covering New Jersey,
    New York, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and seven Indian Nations.

    Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) and HBCAC President Karen Joy Miller
    attend the event, held at the Ted Weiss Federal Building in New York City.