HBCAC strives for community oriented programs focused on Breast Cancer, Education, Precaution and Prevention.


Our Mission is to increase public awareness of environmental links to disease. GAIN support for the “Precautionary Principle” as it applies to public policy, URGE the    public to demand more funding for environmental health research, and ENCOURAGE a “better safe than sorry” attitude toward personal lifestyle. | More

Mounting scientific evidence demonstrates that Lead poisoning, Endocrine disruptors, Air pollution, and Pesticides are the four types of toxins that contribute to the onset of disease. Look before you LEAP provides environmental health information in a manner that is non-threatening, age-appropriate and fun for children and families alike. | More




    Our annual newsletter is an overview of HBCAC’s community efforts. We feature cutting edge science-based articles, legislative alerts, as well as provides an opportunity for members the community to state their concerns. Our referral page is extensive, providing resources at a local, state and national level.


    An inspiration with attractive bags filled with heartwarming gifts for those women leaving the hospital after surgery. Items like person journal, survivor handbook, yoga video, and music cd are included to help uplift the spirits during a hard time. We provide handmade hats and scarves for winter months.

    art & facts
    ART & FACTS BREAST HEALTH KITS is a beautiful craft, artfully presented compilation of breast health information. Designed as a gift box, it provides vital knowledge and helpful insights. 


    INTEGRATIVE HEALTH NETWORK offers complementary and holistic approaches to therapy through a team of health practitioners. This wellness program includes alternative treatment and care such as chiropractic, massage therapy, acupuncture and more

    A multitude of free services offered to local women diagnosed with breast cancer. (more)



  • Prevention Is The Cure

    prevention is the cureAn Environmental Campaign of the Huntington Breast Cancer Action Coalition that seeks tom Increase public awareness of environmental links to disease, Learn more Gain support for the "Precautionary Principle" as it applies to public policy, Urge the public to demand more funding for environmental health research, and Encourage a "better safe then sorry" attitude toward personal lifestyle
  • LEAP
    Look Before You LEAP

    Look Before You Leap

    LEAP'S mission - Patterns of illness in American children have changed dramatically over the last century.

    Asthma, learning disabilities, autism, obesity and leukemia are the most common and some of the most feared childhood diseases. Learn more

  • HBCAC’s Students and Scientists Environmental Research Scholarship Program

    prevention is the cureis a place for discovery, awareness and the exchange of ideas. Enter a bold and exciting new classroom and take an unprecedented journey, working beside world-renowned researchers at a national state-of-the-art facility. Students & Scientists internship program is designed for highly motivated students with a proven interest and academic strength in biology and chemistry. Initiated by Great Neck Breast Cancer Coalition, the program focuses on the importance of environmental research and the causation of diseases
    Learn more | Application

    ONE - TO - ONE SUPPORT SERVICES offered to residents inquiring about breast health and breast cancer issues. Our Epicenter staff and volunteers provide important referral and pertinent resources. This personal contact helps the caller obtain necessary information, therefore is an example of our philosophy "what can we do for you?